[CF Devotionals] 2016-02-07 - Habakkuk

Plenty of Sin to go Around

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Verse 11: Finally however, God does make a point to Habakkuk, who may have been pretty perplexed at this point. God has identified a people who at their best would seem to be worse than Judea at its worst. Therefore, how could He send them against Judea, (Keep in mind that Habakkuk was the one who complained about the sin of the people in the first place.)

But God also notes that the Babylonians are a guilty people. He isn’t excusing them for their actions. In fact, He labels them practical idolators. They worship their own strength. This is God’s way of saying, one day they too will be judged, because there is no excuse of sacrilege. As with Egypt, and for that matter Satan, the fact they are used for His purposes, doesn’t excuse them from their own sins.

And so God says to Habakkuk, “You are concerned that I haven’t acted. Well I soon will, and here’s how.”

To be continued.

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