[CF Devotionals] 2016-02-07 - Habakkuk

Chapter 1 Verse 8

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Verse 8: Next God refers to the speed of the Babylonians. The poetic form suggests their military was swift in its actions. Blue analyzes the similes this way:

“Both leopards and wolves are fierce, fast, and excellent hunters. At dusk, wolves are hungry and ready to pounce on prey. The Babylonians’ voracious speed in conquest was also likened to a vulture swooping to devour. This vulture … may have been the great griffon vulture, a majestic bird often seen in Palestine circling higher and higher and then rapidly swooping down on its prey. Jeremiah wrote about the Babylonians devouring everything in their paths, including fields, people, animals, trees and cities (Jer. 5:17; also cf. Lam. 4:19). Certainly the Babylonians, likened to ferocious beasts and birds, were a terrible enemy.”

Verse 9: Up to now, the Babylonians have been successful in all their endeavors. Where once they could not have defeated Judah, now with God not only removing His hand from the Jews, but sending the Babylonians against His people, they would be victorious.

Verse 10: But there is a problem for this vicious people. They believe in themselves, and this arrogance will eventually be shown for what it is. But in the meantime, they scoff at all who would stand in their way. They laugh at the security measures of their enemies, i.e. fortified cities. They believe in their own Public Relations.

To be continued.

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