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High Anxiety©

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It was an interesting year (2015).

As we look at all of the anxiety-breeding situations, it is easy to see how we could develop a sense of “high anxiety.” Judea was also about to experience some severe anxiety. However, there is a truth that can lead to both anxiety and comfort, as we face the struggles of life, and it is that truth we will consider in this devotional.

As we have begun to see, the short work of Habakkuk is a dialogue between the prophet and God. Keep in mind that,regardless of Habakkuk’s frustration, he is God’s prophet and he therefore takes his complaints to God. His complaints are statements of faith. He sees injustice and evil in Judah and knowing God can act against it, he also knows God hasn’t. Why? –

Armerding summarizes the opening verses this way:

“Habakkuk’s prophecy is … located clearly within the community of faith, exposed to many tribulations, yet oriented to the Lord as its help in trouble. The structure of the passage is defined by prominent repetitions within it, …. Twice Habakkuk emphasized the opposing principles of evil and justice, thereby revealing his dominant concern: not only is the lawlessness of “violence” rampant, but it has mastered the very mechanisms of law by which it should be curbed. In such circumstances it is clear that only divine intervention can correct the imbalance (cf. “save,” v.2); when this intervention is not forthcoming, faith is stretched beyond its limits.”

  1. Amerding, Carl E., The Expositor's Bible, "Habakkuk," Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids MI, 1990.

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