[CF Devotionals] 2015-01-04 - The Fourth Commandment

Series Recap and Outline

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Let's take a minute to recap where we are up to this point. We have been looking at each of the Ten Commandments, on the basis of how they are applicable to us as believers. The focus hasn't been so much on the “Thou shalt nots,” as on how these can be applied to our lives as “Thou shalts.” Our concern is: Considering that our obedience to the Lord comes out of love for and a desire to please Him, how can we carry out His commandments from a positive perspective, rather than a negative one?

In relationship to our daily walk, the focus we have tried to deal with has been one of putting God first in our lives, and that our walk with Him should be typified by worship - through praise, prayer and power. In relationship to these areas, how have you been doing, over the last few weeks?

Outline of Fourth Commandment Study

  1. A Nation of Priests, A Holy People ~ Continued
  2. Remember the Sabbath Day Vs.8-11
    1. The Call to Honor the Sabbath
    2. Is the Sabbath Relevant to the Church?
    3. How can we Honor a Day?-Should we?

To be Continued.

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