[CF Devotionals] 2014-11-16 - The Third Commandment


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  1. A Nation of Priests, A Holy People ~ Continued
    1. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord … in vain Verse 7
      1. Do not use the Name of God Frivolously
      2. God's Name is Synonymous with who He is
      3. The Call to Represent the Lord

Next, we will look at the third commandment, which is part of the first table of the law. It continues the focus on our responsibility, as followers of God, to Him. With this command, we again see a seemingly simplistic command. This time, it is against blasphemy, an act we don't normally get involved in. Certainly, for most of us, when we do swear, it is usually in the heat of the moment - and is unintentional. But, as you will see, there is much more involved in this command than misusing God's name.

To be continued.

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