[CF Devotionals] 2014-07-20 - Study of the Book of Ruth

Ruth ~ Part 47 ~ Conclusion

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Ruth 4:1-12

I like the way MacArthur summarizes all we have seen.

During the dark time of the judges when Israel's future looked exceedingly grim, God quietly demonstrated His faithfulness to His wayward covenant people. He sovereignty orchestrated a series of events (a famine; the sudden, untimely deaths of three husbands; the surprising allegiance of a foreign daughter-in-law; and the rare kindness of a prosperous relative) to continue the family lineage through which the Messiah would one day come. Chapter 1 details the return of the widows Naomi and Ruth from Moab to Bethlehem, only to face an uncertain future. Chapter 2 documents Naomi's wise counsel and concern, Ruth's godly character, and Boaz's Christlike generosity. Chapter 3 is a record of Ruth's brave request that Boaz 'redeem' her. At last in chapter 4, we see God's divine plan fully blossom as Boaz redeems Naomi's land and Ruth's hand in marriage. 1

What this is all about is the providence of God, and how He works behind the scenes. Often, we have no clue what God is doing in our lives, but as we look back, we are amazed to see just how frequently He has been moving our lives - without our awareness.

  1. MacArthur, John, Ruth & Esther, Word Publishing, Nashville TN, 2000, p. 36.

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