[CF Devotionals] 2014-06-22 - Kinsman's Interest in the Land

Ruth ~ Part 43

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Verses 3-4: Now Boaz presents his case. At this point, he only presents one aspect of the case. Is he being shrewd and presenting the good news first, or is he simply presenting that which he believes would be of the most interest to the kinsman?

There is a problem here, with what the court was being told. Can you identify it? Land was not to be sold. The NIV Study Bible Notes gives a couple of alternative explanations.

"Two interpretations are possible: 1. Naomi owns the land but is so destitute that she is forced to sell. It was the duty of the kinsman-redeemer to buy any land in danger of being sold outside the family. 2. Naomi does not own the land … it had been sold by Elimelech before the family left for Moab … but by law she retains the right of redemption to buy the land back. Lacking funds to do so herself, she is dependent on a kinsman-redeemer to do it for her. It is the right of redemption that Naomi is selling."1

Not surprisingly, the kinsman is interested in obtaining the property. He immediately agrees to redeem the property. Of course, it isn't quite that simple, as he is about to find out.

This would have made a great movie. First, we cut to Ruth sitting at home with Naomi, waiting for the word from Boaz … hoping against hope that he would come back and tell her they were to be married. Then the camera turns to Boaz. His desire is to marry her, but now the kinsman says he will redeem the property. Boaz blanches, but nevertheless keeps a straight face. He hasn't given up yet.

What Boaz doesn't know is that it doesn't matter what seems to be happening. God has already decided that Boaz is to marry Ruth. It will come out all right, because God is working behind the scenes. Where have you recognized that God was working behind the scenes in your life.

  1. NIV Study Bible Notes, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids MI, ©1999

To be continued.

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