[CF Devotionals] 2013-06-08 - Helping Those in Need

"Share with God's people who are in need." Romans 12:13 (NIV)

Recent severe weather, in the middle of the country, has caught the nation's attention. Large tornadoes have demolished homes and lives. Some people have nothing left in this world. The needs are great. The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:13 that we are to "share with God's people who are in need."

There are numerous examples in the Bible, of people helping those who are hurting. Paul collected offerings for the struggling churches. Jesus taught about helping others; for example, there is the story of the Good Samaritan. Job's friends came to console him after his devastating losses. Each of us is called to help others. Our responses are based on our talents and resources.

How is God calling you to help?

[email richard] Richard Moser, Jr

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