[CF Devotionals] 2013-06-02 - Antichrist Messages

2 John ~ Part 7

2 John, Verse 7: Again, John identifies the incarnation as the touchstone upon which the validity of a confession of faith is grounded. Those who come in Christ's name, while rejecting His incarnation, are not believers. Stott notes that John doesn't say that these individuals teach against the incarnation; they simply don't teach about it at all.1 This is a subtle practice of many false teachers today. They reject the incarnation, but they don't tell anyone. They endeavor to hide the truth of their belief, knowing that it would expose them as heretics. But as we examine their words carefully, this can be discovered.

John warns that these people are in the world. And that is certainly true today. This is the message of the cults. And unfortunately, this message is being expressed by some within the mainstream of Christendom.

John, who apparently wasn't known for being subtle, stated these individuals were liars and antichrists. These people are out to sow discord among believers, leading them away from the truths of Scripture. They are also endeavoring to mislead the lost, preventing them from accepting saving truth.

  1. Stott, John R. W., The Epistles of John, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI, 1983, p. 209.

To be continued.

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