[CF Devotionals] 2013-04-10 - Relational Truth

2 John ~ Part 3

But there is another element of biblical truth. This is relational truth. By this, I mean truth between believers in relationship. We can only love one another, that is, care for each other, in the midst of truth. If we try to hide ourselves from our brothers and sisters, then we are not "living truth" in relationships. And, if we are not "living truth," then we don't have real relationship; therefore we aren't demonstrating God's love. The church has to be a place of transparency. We must give up the wearing of masks, ones put on to make us look like we have our acts together. The church isn't to be a Greek theatre. Truth and love go hand-in-hand.

As with the previous letter, the underlying issue here is the importance of truth - and the abuse of truth by heretics. Love cannot be carried out in an environment of compromise with truth. This is why the ecumenical movement that desires "Christian" unity, because of Christ's call to love is, on the wrong track. Christ doesn't desire a love that sells out to the lowest common denominator of doctrine. This is why He has John warn believers about false prophets.

To be continued.

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