[CF Devotionals] 2013-04-09 - Unlikely Teachers, Redux

In two other devotionals, I have previously shared my thoughts on unlikely teachers, and God recently brought to mind another example.

We were recently visited by members of a church that some consider a "cult." they have some Biblical beliefs, but also some that are not supported by Scripture. They left some of their literature in our door. These church laymen devotedly visit their neighbors, even in a day when many would be cautious about approaching a stranger's door (and with good reason). And they faithfully continue to visit and "evangelize," even knowing that most people consider them pests and annoyances.

Of course, I don't condone their unorthodox beliefs. But I have been thinking about them. In some ways, they put some of us who are Christians, to shame. They are fearless and faithful about sharing their beliefs, and about following what they truly believe is God's will for them. They genuinely care about the salvation of others, and when people disagree with them, I have never known them to be hotheaded or rude.

We could learn a few things from these people. We need to be faithful to whatever God is calling US to do, knowing that He is with us, wherever He sends us - whether it's just talking to someone in a grocery store checkout line, or going halfway around the world as an international missionary. We need to be willing to do our part to bring people into God's Kingdom, whatever that part is. We need to worry less about what people think of us, and we need always to remember, ".....to speak the truth in love."

Sometimes I get miffed at Hollywood for its portrayals of Christians, and for sure, sometimes they don't show us fairly. But then I see a news story about "Christians" picketing funerals, and yelling at people who are in deep grief, yelling that their loved one is in Hell. How on Earth can this possibly be construed as speaking "in love?!" It's no wonder we have the reputation we have. But you and I can do our part to change that. As the starfish fable says that the little boy saved one starfish at a time, you and I can be a faithful and loving witness, to one person at a time.


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