[CF Devotionals] 2013-04-08 - What Would Jeremiah Say?

Jeremiah 17:19-26

Do not bring a load out of your houses or do any work on the Sabbath, but keep the Sabbath day holy, as I commanded your forefathers. (Jeremiah 17:22)

I was out on an unstable, shaky limb. I knew what God had called me to do: to warn the people about upcoming judgment awaiting them, if they didn't repent, change their ways, and follow after God. One day, God told me to stand at the gates of Jerusalem, so all the people would hear me speak on the importance of keeping the Sabbath. This information wasn't new to the people. They knew God's command, but needed a refresher course. According to the Lord, people should not do any work on the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

God did not want these people to suffer as their forefathers did, who chose not to listen to His command. If the people viewed the Sabbath as a day of rest, then God would reward Jerusalem, by it always having inhabitants. People would come from all around, to pay homage to the Lord.

If the people chose not to obey God's command, they would suffer the consequences. God would destroy Jerusalem by a fire, at the city gates. The fire would be so hot and intensely strong, that nothing could stop or quench its flames. God was not joking. Their lives depend on the decision they choose. Something needs to get their attention. I pray I got through to them, and they take me seriously. When the people follow the Lord, and rest they will gain so much!

Lord, You have our best intention at the forefront. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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