[CF Devotionals] 2013-03-28 - What He Showed Us

He healed the sick, the wounded and the lepers with a word or a touch. He taught using simple stories that we could understand and remember. He brought back a little girl to her parents from death, and wept at the death of His friend Lazarus before raising him as well.

He was amazed by the faith of a Roman soldier saying He had not seen this kind of faith in all of Israel. What a powerful thing to say. He gave simple and direct answers to questions never wavering. His yes was yes, and His no was no.

He threw out the money changers and returned prayer to the outer court of the Temple. He rattled the established leadership and order. He scolded the Doctors of the Law. He told a rich young ruler the one thing he lacked. He scolded His friend Peter. He taught us to pray. He washed the disciples feet.

He ordered the storm to be silent and compliance was immediate and complete to the utter astonishment of the men who witnessed the event. He cursed the barren fig tree. He turned water into wine.

Demons knew Him and feared Him. The enemy tempted Him and failed. The enemy tried to prevent Him from reaching the cross or escaping the grave - and our Lord and Savior won the battle for the salvation of mankind. He paid the terrible debt we could never understand let alone pay.

Jesus the Messiah showed power over disease and death, that He understands our hearts and emotions, demonstrated kindness and honesty, emphasized the importance of prayer and that the Father is accessible to us directly, the power of command over nature and omnipotent power and love for us at the cross.

Stop over the next few days at the points before the resurrection that shattered the power of death. See the urgency of prayer in the garden, honesty at the trial and before Pilot, the Last Supper with His friends before His suffering, mercy to the young man whose ear was cut off and to the thief who asked for mercy at the cross, the beatings and the walk to the cross and the Father turning His back to His Son for our sakes.

Grace & Peace,

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