[CF Devotionals] 2012-11-29 - Nothing

Tonight I am pretty exhausted - but I want to either close or open your day with a note of encouragement.

I am impressed tonight with the fact that there is nothing we have done, or said or thought that God will not forgive the repentant soul and even turn to His purpose for your benefit.

During the hardest days He is there. During our greatest achievements He is there. In the quiet of a lonely night or special time of prayer He knows our needs and heartfelt pains and joys. There is no place or time when the Father is not available or that He can not reach.

He is never taking a break or to busy to listen. How often do we pray as a last resort? I am trying very hard to flip that over in my life for my family and friends - and all the world that doesn't see or refuses to acknowledge His presence. Lord, remove the scales from their eyes.

Walk today knowing that God walks beside you - John 14:16.

Grace & Peace,

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