[CF Devotionals] 2012-10-08 - What Would Jotham Say?

Judges 9:2-57

With a little persuading by Abimelek, the citizens of Shechem wanted Abimelek as king. So Abimelek came after us and kills all his brothers. I, the youngest, was the only brother not murdered. I lived to tell of Abimelek's vengeance and deliberate betrayal of our brave and honored family line.

The only reason the people chose Abimelek as their king was his lineage - and not his governing abilities. I wanted the people to make sure they felt right and justified having Abimelek as their king. If so, then they should rejoice, but if not, let fire devour Abimelek and the people of Shechem.

I quickly fled, after issuing the warning. There was no time to mourn the passing of my older brothers, for I wasn't safe with Abimelek on the loose. I could hardly catch my breath. I don't want Abimelek to find me.

It took three long years, but finally my forewarning was fulfilled, and Abimelek and the Shechemites were destroyed. It does not bring my brothers back, but God's vindication helps soften the pain.

Lord, Help me do the right thing. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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