[CF Devotionals] 2012-07-16 - What Would A Widow Say?

1 Timothy 5:3-16

The widow who is really in need, and left all alone, puts her hope in God and continues - night and day - to pray and to ask God for help.(1 Timothy 5:5)

I am glad there is a system set up for us widows. It is a comfort that we will be taken care of. Children and grandchildren need to step up and do what is right, to respect and care for their parents and grandparents. If they do not fulfill this commitment, they are worse than an unbeliever; that is what Paul says. Those without a family need to rely on God and dedicate their days and nights to praying, and asking Him for help.

There are certain criteria for widows who want to receive church assistance. They must be at least 60 years-old and married only once. They should also be in good standing with everyone.

Only a widow who is kind, helpful, and a good mother should be considered. Young widows will not be eligible for support, as they might still desire to be remarried, and may not remain a widow for long. Besides, for some of these women, their life ambition is to keep track of the gossip of the day. I am certainly not that type of lady.

The stereotype of widows is that we are lonely creatures just watching time pass, and living with our memories. In reality, we are vibrant women, ready, with the Lord's help, to attempt all that God has for us.

God, You are an awesome Heavenly king and have a magnificent track record. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

How can you help those in need, or who are alone?

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