[PC-USA] 2012-04-10 - Easter's Over, So Now What?

Originally Published 2005-04-01

Some of you are celebrating your first Easter as Christians. If that's you, congratulations! But many of us celebrated at dozens of Sunrise Services, dozens of Tenebrae services, sung countless verses of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" etc. As vital as the words are, sometimes the message doesn't seem as fresh as the first times we heard it. It doesn't change our lives, as it should.

I challenge you to take something to heart, from this recent Easter season. Study a passage in a different version of the Bible, for an innovative take on it. Reread the words of a song. That's what I did, taking "The Lord of the Dance" to heart. During the service when the choir performed it, I was focused in on all that goes into playing it - putting feeling into it, trying to keep consistent timing, ensuring that the singers and I were together, following the director etc. But after the service, I did again what our director reminds us to do; I paid attention to the words of the song. And the words "I am the life that'll never never die" leaped out at me, giving me some renewed perspective on our earthly pains.

Ask the Lord to help you take something with you, something that will alter the way you think, and maybe even your life. For Easter should be the most life-changing celebration of the year.

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