[CF Devotionals] 2012-02-14 - Being Still

"Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10a NIV)

Last week, I injured my shoulder, and my activity is still limited. Only this evening have I been able to sit at a normal computer again, and my husband Richard still has to do most things for me. Even the smallest movement, or even a yawn, can cause excruciating pain (and I know pain, having once temporarily gone around with an unset broken elbow, due to a misdiagnosis until another doctor looked at my x-ray). Consequently, I have had to learn to sit perfectly still most of the time. And though that may sound simple, I'm not finding it easy to accomplish. I find myself thinking of all the "productive" things I could be doing, as well as feeling occasional guilt. But I know intellectually, that I have no choice – for it's the resting that is gradually healing my injury.

This has brought to mind something else that many of us find difficult, sitting still before God. Yes there's a time to talk to him, but there are also supposed to be times of simply sitting still in His presence, listening for Him to calm our spirits, and to speak to us through His Spirit (usually through remembered words from his word, from a Christian leader or friend, a hymn, or something we've read). For many of us, this is quite difficult; we are used to doing doing doing, and we feel we are wasting time, if we aren't "doing." But sometime, in God's economy, there should be times of simply being and listening. I challenge you, along with myself, to try to spend a little regular time – even just a few minutes a day – simply being still in God's presence.

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