[CF Devotionals] 2011-12-03 - Patience ~ Job

James 5:11

New Century Version (NCV) 11 We say they are happy, because they did not give up.You have heard about Job's patience, and you know the Lord's purpose for him in the end.You know the Lord is full of mercy and is kind.

We have all probably heard that someone going through a difficulty "has the patience of Job." What exactly does the phrase mean? How was Job so patient?

There is a whole book in the Bible which tells of the story of a man, Job, whom God allowed to be tested by Satan. (Job 1:11) Satan was permitted to destroy most of Job's family and all of his possessions. Yet Job refused to condemn God. (Job 1:22)

The book of Job is a story of a broken-hearted man trying to trust God — the One who was in control of his life. (Job 3:25-26) Three of Job's friends came and tried to comfort him. For seven days, no one even spoke. Then his friends tried to explain Job's trials as punishment for his sins. Eventually, Job turned to God and asked "Why?" (Job 26-31) God responded to Job, by telling him that He was in control. (Job 38-41) Job sought forgiveness, and his health and possessions were restored.

So how was Job patient? I think Job was patient, in that he never gave up his faith in God. (Job 19:25-26) Job showed patience by suffering one affliction after another without cursing God. Job knew that God had a plan (Job 23:10), though Job wasn't afraid to ask, "Why, God?"

How can we demonstrate the "patience of Job" in our lives? How can we remain faithful during our trials? How can we show our trust in God?

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