[CF Devotionals] 2011-11-13 - 1 John

The Epistles of John ~ Part 3 ~ Dating the Book of 1 John

There are a number of views related to the dating of the epistles. One position is that the first epistle was written sometime between 85 and 90 AD. This conclusion is based to some extent on the writing of the book of John, written to establish faith, sometime between 75 and 80 AD. The epistle focuses on heresies that had arisen in the established Christian Community.

Others have dated the letters as early as 60 AD. In contrast, Dr. J Vernon McGee, along with other expositors hold for a very late date. He notes that:

"…in recent years some of us have come to the position that John wrote his epistles last. Therefore he wrote his first epistle after his imprisonment on the Island of Patmos. This places the date about A.D. 100."

The two other epistles would have been written immediately after the first, and so would fall into the same time frame, whatever that may be.

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