[CF Devotionals] 2011-07-17 - Standing Firmly

Nahum ~ Part 6

Sometimes you comes up against passages that you're not sure how you want to approach. I certainly wouldn't want to develop a major doctrine from a few words. We've seen enough of that already in the cults. Creative application isn't always that great either. Within the evangelical community we've seen too much of that all, with teaching on finance, courtship, child raising, all of which have been defined as biblical - while fracturing scripture and being used for the authors' pet hobbyhorses. On the other hand:

A group of us pastors get together monthly for lunch, prayers and support for one another. One of the pastors shared how he was developing an entire message around Acts 17:2a.

"As is custom was, Paul went into the synagogue" (Acts 17:2a)

Once he exegetes the passage, uses it as a stepping-off point for dealing with the question of what are our customs and, as a church, are we getting caught up in the world's views instead of God's call to "customs?"

This chapter of Nahum gave me some pause. I didn't want to spend the study simply examining how God was to bring judgment on Assyria, although we do have to talk about it. But in terms of application and focus, I decided to approach the passage in terms of an underlying principle, which is, that God cares for His own and fights for us against our enemies. The message of Nahum is one of comfort and mercy to God's children - but wrath and vengeance on His enemies.

To be continued

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