[CF Devotionals] 2011-06-28 - Junkyards

I was recently watching a television program about car restoration. An old Ford Thunderbird© was idling away the hours in a junkyard. Two people saw it, but they seemed to be looking at two entirely different cars. One of them basically called the car a heap of junk, useful mainly for the parts that could be sold - while the other saw a beautiful, classic car that was worth restoring.

I thought that was a good analogy of our lives. Sometimes when we or others look at our lives, or the lives of others, we may think those lives are ugly, junky, a mess. For example, our society (in the US, anyway) is sometimes too quick to deem an older or disabled person as not useful, and not worth expending time or medical care on (contrary to Biblical values). Likewise, some of us think that people who have made serious mistakes or have "failed" at something (and sometimes failure is a matter of perspective) are no longer useful to the Lord. The Earth is full of junkyards littered with derailed relationships, lost jobs, people who have lost all their Earthly goods and livelihoods to lawsuits over human mistakes, people who have committed what some people consider unforgivable sins, others who made serious mistakes they don't ever feel they will recover from - you name it.

But when God looks at us, he doesn't see our lives as junkyards. Rather, when He looks at Christians, He sees Christ's righteousness covering us. (2 Corinthians 5:21). He sees our potential. He sees His beloved children. And if your life seems like a junkyard, you are in good company: with a former murder, the Apostle Paul; with a former doubter - Peter; with a formerly hesitant Moses, and many modern-day examples as well.

If you are feeling like a heap of junk, ask God to show you the value He puts on your life. If you are seeing someone else as useless, ask Him to show you what s/he looks like through God's own eyes. That can be a revolutionary prayer. Aren't you glad that God doesn't see us as we do?

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