[CF Devotionals] 2011-06-21 - Heat Shield

Every time a space shuttle heads up into space, it must be protected from the scorching temperatures that it will encounter, to prevent destruction of the shuttle, and death of the astronauts. Not just any old materials will do; the materials must be able to withstand 2400+ degrees Farenheit (1260 degrees Centigrade), and there isn't a lot of material that is up to the job. So the shuttles are outfitted with insulation blankets, insulation tiles, surface insulation and more. (Side note: The space shuttle program has been discontinued, and the July 8th 2011 launch will be the last one; please pray for all who will lose their jobs and who have put their hearts into this program, which has been lauded by seasoned, longtime astronauts, and has brought benefits to mankind through the years, of which many know nothing.) The heat shield takes the heat for the scientists, engineers, teachers and others who travel to the International Space Station.

On a more personal level, where I live in the US, we are still - in late June - in a heat wave. We are still hitting around 100 degrees daily, so I have to use a heat shield in my car window, when my car has been baking in the sun for eight hours while I'm at work. It does make a difference, and the shield is often so hot that I have to handle it carefully when I remove it in the afternoon, to avoid being burned. Without the shield, the seat belt and steering wheel burn my skin. The car's heat shield takes the heat for me.

In like manner, our Lord Christ has taken the heat for us, literally. He has given His life at Calvary, so we won't have to spend eternity in heat that would make even the Sun's 27 million-degree core heat pale, by comparison. But the most Hellish part of Hell would be the separation from God for eternity, a length of time that we can't even fathom. Christ took our place, so that if we accept Him as our Savior, we won't have to experience that separation (temporary for Him, on our behalf) that He expressed when he moaned, "My God, My God, why hath Thou forsaken Me?"

Have you told Christ, and then someone(s) else (confessing with your mouth) that you accept Christ as your Savior and Lord? If you haven't, and would like to do so, please tell your pastor. If you can't reach him or her, or you don't currently have a pastor, feel free to write one of your CFDevotionals staff. Remember, tomorrow may be too late. As the recent earthquakes tornadoes etc. (please keep the victims in GA, Alabama, MO et al in prayers, as many are still living in tents), we never know what's around the corner for us.

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