[CF Devotionals] 2011-06-20 - What Would Dad Zechariah Say?

Luke 1:5-20, 57-65

Both of them were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lord's commandments and regulations blamelessly. (Luke 1:6)

I guess you could say my wife and I were respectable in God's sight. We obeyed God's Commandments, and as a priest I was devoted to God. My wife Elizabeth and I have always wanted children. Now that seems not in the Lord's plan for this elderly couple. I prayed about it, and I got more than I bargained.

While I was working at the church, an angel came down to deliver God's answer. It startled me, as anyone would be after seeing an angel. The angel told me there was no need to be afraid, and that my prayer for a child would be answered. Elizabeth and I would have a son-to be named John.

After all this time. Can this be real? This John would be a pleasure and delight, and many would rejoice due to his birth. The child will be great in God's sight. He will bring people back to God. What a prophecy. What parents wouldn't want a child like this?

Instead of immediately praising God, I asked the angel how he was sure of the statements he just uttered. After all, Elizabeth and I are not a young couple. I had to make sure it was not some sort of joke. My questioning and doubt was not something an angel of the

Lord wants to hear. As punishment, I lost my voice until Elizabeth delivered our baby boy.

I should have stayed in my awe and amazement, but I got my rational mind to thinking. I learned my lesson, and made it up to God by being obedient to what the angel told me the baby's name would be. It is customary for a son to be named after his father. When asked what I wanted the child's name to be, I wrote down John instead of Zechariah.

Immediately, I received my speech back. I wouldn't take vocal communication for granted again.

Lord, I am grateful You can hear me. Whether I am talking, singing, thinking, or whispering. It is in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Was there a time God's answer to a prayer was more than you expected?

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