[CF Devotionals] 2011-06-08 - Where Does Help Come From?

Ps 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the hills -- where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Question: What do you do when you need help? Who do you turn to when you know you can't solve a problem on your own? What is it like to know that God is always near to help when you need it?

I'm not one who likes asking for a lot of help. If I can solve a problem without involving another person, that's generally what I prefer to do. There are times, though, when I have to ask for help.

Earlier today, I was trying to locate items on a website so that I could place an order. I was having some trouble and decided to just find the contact information for the customer service department and ask them to help me with my problem. I figured that would be a quicker and easier way of resolving the matter.

I was wrong. I clicked on a "Contact Us" link, and then a "Customer Service" link, thinking I would then get a web form or an email address. No such luck. I got a list of options to choose from, to indicate the category my concern fell into. I picked one and clicked, and then was promptly taken back to the original page for "Help." Thinking I'd done something incorrectly, I repeated the process, and the same thing happened. I started to try and contact the web master, but then decided I was likely to just get more frustrated trying to do that. A phone number for Customer Service wasn't easily locatable either.

If I had found a number for Customer Service, I'm guessing I know what would have happened there, too. I suspect I would have called and been asked to select from among several choices by pressing a number on my dial pad. Then, I would have been given another menu of choices based on my selection. Then, I would have been reminded that I could probably get my question answered through the website I was just looking at. If I selected an option that didn't give me the information I needed, I'd probably get stuck and have to start all over again. Then I probably would have been put on hold, complete with really annoying music and repeated friendly reminders to be patient, because my call is important.

Am I being negative? Maybe, but this has happened to me before when calling my ISP, cell phone company, the tech services people where I bought my computer, and on various other occasions. It's probably happened to you, too. As the saying goes, "It's hard to find good help these days." Another way of saying that would be, "It's hard to connect with a real person when seeking help these days."

A lot of Customer Service Departments could take a lesson from God. He makes each of us feel like a priority, cares about what is concerning us, and is never too busy. He clearly explains how we can connect with Him, and encourages us to do so. He doesn't make us search websites, navigate phone menus, or wait on hold or in line. He knows us by name, truly cares about our concerns, and never gives us the brush-off.

And in case you're wondering, I decided to close the website and try again later as I was aggravated and knew it would be best to just walk away from it for awhile. Fortunately, I can wait a few days to try again and place my order. This incident led me to stop for a moment and thank God for being ready and willing to listen and to help me at all times - so maybe I should thank those people for being so difficult to contact. I probably won't be able to, though, because I probably won't ever actually speak to one of them personally. Oh well.

Thank You, Lord, for knowing what our needs are before we even ask You to help with them. Thank You for always being ready and willing to help us when we ask. Thank You for the little things that happen every day that remind us of Your goodness. Please help us to be willing to admit when we need more than what we can do ourselves, and remind us that it is okay to ask for help from You and from others. Amen.

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