[CF Devotionals] 2011-05-24 - Seeking the Lost

Jer 29:13 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. (NKJV)

Question to Consider: When is the last time you lost/misplaced something? How did you feel? What did you do? When is the last time you sought God that way?

I don't often lose things. What I mean is, I rarely loose things for good. I misplace things quite often. By that I mean, "I know it hasn't left my house. I just don't know where the item in question is exactly." I usually discover that the thing I'm looking for isn't where I thought I left it because I need/want to use it or wear it and then can't locate it. I then check all the possible other places it might be, get all frustrated, and eventually find it. One time, I looked all over for a pair of black shoes only to find that I'd put them where they were supposed to be on my shoe wrack. I'm sure I did that so I'd know where they were next time I looked for them. So much for that idea.

When I was in Albuquerque last month, I had the rare experience of thinking I'd truly lost an item. It happened twice, actually. The first time, I thought I'd lost a bracelet. This bracelet was special because of who gave it to me and also because it was made in Nicaragua and sold as part of a Nicaraguan missions fundraiser. We'd been up to Sandias Peak, which is a mile above Albuquerque and most easily accessed by tram. I'd been wearing layers because it was cold and snowy up there. When I discovered the bracelet was missing, I was back in Albuquerque. I imagined it slipping off when I added or subtracted a big hooded sweatshirt throughout the course of the afternoon and lying in a snow drift somewhere. I checked my coat pockets without much hope, and as expected, it wasn't there. My friend suggested we check the car. I wasn't very hopeful it would be there either but I was wrong! I was thrilled to have the bracelet back. A similar thing happened with my purple wool cap during a trip to Santa Fe two days later. I figured it had fallen out of my pocket somewhere. Once again, we found it in the car.

It's funny how important something becomes when it's missing. It's like that item is the most important thing we own. I'm guessing you've experienced tearing the house apart looking for something, asking others to help, feeling hopeless, and then being so excited when you finally found it. Even back in Jesus' day that happened. He talked about it with the woman who lost the coin and the shepherd that lost his sheep in Luke 15:1-32. The woman searched her house while the shepherd had to worry about the possibility of having lost the sheep for good. In both cases, finding what was lost became top priority and they were thrilled when they successfully located it.

Searching for the bracelet and the cap made me think about how fervently I seek God. More specifically, it makes me think about my lack of fervor in seeking God. I wondered how often I seek God with single-minded focus. How often do I put everything else aside to make seeking God top priority? How often do I ask others to assist me in my efforts to seek God? How often do I rejoice in God's presence because I've been reunited with Him through Jesus? Sadly, I know I don't do these things the way I should but I pray these recent experiences will remind me to seek God "with all my heart."

Lord, please help us to remember to seek You with all our hearts, just as we seek after lost or misplaced items. Help us remember that our relationship with You is more important than any earthly possession. Thank You for Your gift of salvation, for coming to seek and to save the lost. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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