[CF Devotionals] 2011-01-09 - Tenth Commandment

The Ten Commandments ~ Part 59
Tenth Commandment ~ Part 1 ~ Review

Before getting into the tenth commandment, I would like to review a few principles we have learned through this study on the commandments.

First: We must remember: all sin is sin against God. This is true whether or not it is also against our fellow man. When we gossip about a neighbor, while we are sinning against him, we are first sinning against the Lord.

Second: Our focus needs to be on how our sin makes the Lord feel. If we keep in mind that our sin grieves the Lord, we can be better motivated to ask forgiveness and strive to do better next time. The issue of our sin isn't our failure, which is a self-focused attitude, but God's displeasure, which is a God-focused view - and therefore the appropriate one.

Third: We have seen there are many ways we have broken all these commandments. So we must get over the idea that some sins are "smaller" than others and therefore are less "unacceptable." From God's perspective, sin is sin, and is always unacceptable.

Finally: We have seen that as we obey Christ's commands to love God and others, we don't have to be as concerned about violating the commandments. As we love in obedience, we will find we are keeping these commands from a positive perspective.

If you think the last commandment was relevant, then you'll love this one. I suspect the economy of this country would collapse, if this 10th command was truly obeyed.

To be continued.

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