[CF Devotionals] 2010-11-28 - What are the Dangers of Lying?

The Ten Commandments ~ Part 54
Ninth Commandment ~ Part 3

You would think the question of what are the dangers here would be self-evident. But how often do we, even as believers, find ourselves justifying so-called "little white lies." We can all come up with examples where we feel the truth wouldn't be helpful. How often do we get around blatant lying by simply avoiding the truth, or saying things in such a way that while we are telling the truth, we do this in such a way as to lead to a conclusion that is completely false. (This sounds a lot like advertising, doesn't it?) As I've mentioned before, I've caught myself in the past doing something like this. Someone called my office whom I didn't want to talk to, and so that my assistant wouldn't "have" to lie, I stepped out into the hall. Then she could say I was out of the office. The words were true, but the intent was a lie.

Are there any similar examples you can think of? One of the most obvious dangers of any lying is that it is addictive. If we lie in the small things, it becomes to easy to find ourselves lying in the important things. Often, problems arise in relationships because of lack of communication. Often, communication is not going on to avoid lying, which as we have already seen could really be considered a form of lying. If children are not encouraged to tell the truth, they may not be able to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

Who do you think we can be guilty of lying to the most often? I think we lie to ourselves more often than to anyone else. The most phenomenal thing about this is, that we can reach the point of believing our own lies.

To be continued.

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