[CF Devotionals] 2010-06-19 - The Armor of God

Part 2

The Battle (v.10 - 13)

Verses 10 - 13 define the battle and the battle plan. It speaks of the devil's wiles or his schemes and tricks. It doesn't mention his ability to take over or possess a body because believers can't be possessed. The emphasis is really placed on the strength in God not weaknesses of the devil. The devil can't harm us physically but he can & will tempt us. He can't control our minds but he can throw some weed seed in the field of our mind. Even though God is in our hearts as believers if Satan can put thoughts in our minds then he can altar what is collectively processed or produced in our lives. That is his aim. That is the best he can do against a Christian. He can hope to spiritually knock our feet out from under us or hobble us. That is why we need the Spiritual Armor of God.

The Belt of Truth (v.14a)

In this modern Internet age where e-mails zip back and forth across the world, hoaxes, rumors and false stories abound. I generally receive several false stories passed along as true each week. Now more than ever, we need the belt of truth. We need to discern truth from fiction. Satan cripples us when we pass off hearsay as news. Satan wins when people think, "Oh that silly Ida Mae. She believes anything. No wonder she believes in Jesus."

A belt is put on the waist, the center of the body. Truth is to be central to God's armor. Just like any belt, truth holds it together. Jesus said I am the Truth in John 14:6 so putting on the belt of truth is putting on Christ.

Truth is not true because it works (that's pragmatism), because it feels right (that's subjectivism) or because it's "my truth" (that's relativism). It is true because it is direct from God and anchored in the rock of Jesus by the scriptures and teachings of His church that the Lord himself said not even the gates of hell itself would prevail against. But the Devil will still try to keep us from the truth - any and all truth. He doesn't want us to know the truth about himself, the truth about the world, the truth about ourselves, and especially the truth about God. He wants to keep us from truth because the truth will set you free. If we get the belt and keep the belt on and stick to the truth we won't get caught with our pants down.

We can know the truth but until we put it into action thru application it is worthless.

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All verses are from the King James Version unless otherwise specified.