[CF Devotionals] 2010-06-08 - Scrabble

Scrabble Devotional ~ Part 1

In the wonderful movie, “Forrest Gump"© , the protagonist tells us that his mother says “life is like a box of chocolates.” That may be true, but as my husband and I have played our daily Scrabble game for the last couple months, I have realized that the Christian life is a lot like a Scrabble game. We’ll be looking at that in the next couple weeks.

At the beginning of the game, when you draw out your first seven letters, you may get high-scoring ones, low-scoring ones – or a mix. You can’t control what you draw out of the velvet bag; it’s a surprise every time! But you do have choices about what you do with them. For example, do you use all the ones you can at once, or do you hang onto most, gambling that you will get that perfect letter you need to complete a “Blowout” word?

Likewise, in the Christian life, everyone gets something different. Some of us have no serious mistakes in our past when we become a Christian, and have basically been what would be termed “good people,” so living the believer’s life is a seamless process, as far as behavior. In contrast, some have torrid pasts, like the Apostle Paul, and must overcome their “past,” make amends and the like. (AA and NA are wonderful about this; I have gotten one of the apologies, myself, from a friend in AA).

Some people seem to get every “break” in life imaginable, whereas some of us have been placed in families or work environments that make it difficult to live out “the fruits of the Spirit,” such as patience.

But there are some important points to remember about the tiles of life which we are dealt. First, not everything is as it seems. We don’t really know what others have to deal with “behind closed doors;” they may have problems and pains of which we are not aware. In addition, everyone will eventually have “crosses to bear.” It’s just a matter of what, when and where. And most importantly, no matter what kind of personality, family, work environment, church environment, abilities, disabilities etc. are in our Scrabble bag, we all have the same resources – limitless resources – with which to build our Christian life. These resources are from our Heavenly Father, and He gives generously to all of us. His strength and wisdom are infinite, as is His love for us.

We all have the same Savior, preparing for us a home in Heaven, with Him. The same Spirit as intercessor, praying for us. The same Heavenly Father, eager to hear our heartfelt prayers, just waiting for our faith, trust and dependence - so He can fight our battles for us (though He expects us to do our part, which He will reveal to us).

If we’ll make Him our focus (Philippians 3:10 - read it in your favorite version of the Bible), everything else will fall into place. Will our problems magically go away? No. Will everything be “perfect?” Doubtful. But can we have a sense of peace, fulfillment and purpose, and the ability do deal with the problems? Absolutely.

To be continued.


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