[CF Devotionals] 2010-06-05 - Honoring Parents Today

The Ten Commandments ~ Part 30

How can we Honor our parents Today?: As with last weeks commands, often some of the specifics are matters of conscience and the needs of the specific situation. What is appropriate for some to do, may not be for others. Let's list some of the ideas out.

One example I can immediately think of that relates to the issue of honoring is the fact some many young people today believe that they have to straighten out their parents. Now we are well aware they know more then their parents, so they must correct faulty thinking. What must be realized is the child does not have to agree with the parents, but he must honor the parents’ right to think the way they want to. By the way, this isn't speaking to the responsibility of the child, to serve as the Lord's witness to the unbelieving parent who is trying to lead them to Christ.

The really tough questions arise over the needs of the older parents, do we put them in our home or a home. This issue isn't a simple one, because we can go back and say: “Well, in biblical times, it wasn’t an issue because the parent was always in the home; therefore ours should also be.” This would be fine, if it was only us that were a product of our culture, but our parents are a product of a similar culture. They may want to be on their own. The real issue in honoring our parents is to try, with the Lord’s help, to find what they want, and answer the harder question: what is best for them?

As already noted, my parents had my grandfather living with us, from the time I was nine months, until he was put in a home when I was in Jr. High. It was living in a Christian environment, and the witness of my parents, that led to him being saved at 82 years old. But the time came when the combination of his failing health and my mothers raising three boys, a husband and dog made it the appropriate decision to place him in a home. It was while he was there, that the pastor of their church got the opportunity to see him and lead him to Christ. For my parents, at that time, the proper decision was to place my grandfather. I think you can see, as Christians, that how to honor our parents is not always an easy issue.

To be continued.

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