[CF Devotionals] 2010-04-18 - The Fourth Commandment

The Ten Commandments, Part 23

How can we Honor a Day? Should we?

Now I think we need to spend some time reviewing the principles involved here, and ask how and why we should set aside the Lord’s Day? First, should we? Second, assuming we should, how do we?

We can see that while we are not called to honor the Sabbath, the principle of a day of rest is another one of God’s universal standards. As such, we are called to set it aside. Today, the idea of a day away from the routine is almost laughable. The majority of working people work five days a week, and in some cases only four, so most have their day of rest. This is why the issue of a day set aside for rest - but even more importantly, set aside in honor of the Lord - is vital. The focus needs to be on the Lord. This commandment clearly stands in condemnation of those who work seven days a week and sixteen hours a day. We are not created to be able to do this.

By the way, for the housewife and/or mother, husbands take note that they also need a day away from the routine, and this may mean making changes in the way things are done, so this can happen. We need to rethink the way we demonstrate to our children the importance of a day, not a couple of hours, given to the Lord.

What are some methods by which we can make sure we get a day of rest? Do you think there can be a difference between a day of rest and a day set aside to honor the Lord? What if you have to work of Sunday? By the way, I don’t think rest means necessarily the absence of doing anything, because we can feel rested from doing something different. What effect do you think our culture has on these issues? What are some ways we can really establish the principles of a time to honor the Lord in our lives? How does this relate to the issues we have already discussed, of personal worship?

As you can see, these questions can step on a number of toes. How many are our views on these issues created by our upbringing, as opposed to the teachings of Scripture. I think there is much to be said for a Jewish approach, of really trying to set aside the day as one of honoring the Lord and holding to a minimum the necessary work. The day was spent in corporate, personal and family worship. What can be more refreshing than a day spent in focusing on the Lord? Why not skip the family dinners that are just a lot of work? Take the time to focus on the Lord and one another, and having a time that is quiet, not rushed, as it is during the week.

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