[CF Devotionals] 2010-02-23 - The “Bad Guys” of Lent ~ Judas

I imagine that if you asked most Christians, or even most people in general, who the “worst bad guy” in the entire Bible is, you’d probably get a consistent answer of Judas. For sure, just like the rest of us, he deserved to be held accountable for what he did wrong. In fairness to him, he did eventually repent; unfortunately he took a cowardly way out – suicide – that just compounded the sin. But what can we learn from him?

One thing that stands out to me about Judas, is that Jesus’ betrayer was not a stranger; rather, it was one of his ‘inner circle.’ Isn’t that too often the way? For example, contrary to common belief, most child molestation (as with most other violence) is perpetrated not by strangers, but rather by relatives of the victims, by family friends, and others trusted by the families of the victims. In fact, child molestors regularly put themselves in positions that will provide easy and regular access to victims (coaching, scouting, teaching etc.). Of course, most people in these positions are trustworthy, but the point is that as with Judas, when it comes to the care of precious little ones, we need to be cautious with everyone.

We also need to always be cautious of our own treatment of those in our own “inner circles” – spouses, children, parents, good friends. Have you ever noticed how sometimes people treat strangers, acquaintances or others with consideration, kindness and preferential treatment – and then give their closest familiy members whatever is left over – whether time, choices or attention? And yet those family members and close friends have been entrusted to them by God, and should be their utmost priorities. As the Apostle Paul teaches us, s/he who doesn’t care well for his/her own family is “less than an infidel.”

Though probably not to the point of death, we all have the potential to betray our ‘inner circle’ members. Every time we think of Judas, we can send up a prayer that God will help us to remember that He has entrusted them to us, and to help us to treat them accordingly.


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