[CF Devotionals] 2010-02-16 - Bad Guys of the Bible

Part 4 ~ Joesph's Brothers – Genesis 37-45

I encourage you to review these old stories with me. This week, our background is Genesis 37-45.

It's a story as old as there have been siblings. Envy reared its ugly head. Joseph's brothers envied his close relationship, which the perceived as special favor, with their father. As we all know, envy can breed all manner of evil, and in this case it led to kidnapping, false imprisonment and human trafficking.

But what we can learn from Joseph's brothers is that ultimately, GOD's purposes will prevail. They intended to get Joseph out of the way, permanently, but He (God) preserved Joseph's life and saw to his rescue. They took things into their own hands, jumping ahead of God - but in the end, Joseph ended up in power (under Pharaoh), just as God had intended all along.

So if you are despairing about whom you perceive to be in control (and they probably believe they are actually in control, as well) - whether in your family, work, or political situations - just remind yourself that while God "allows" some unjust circumstances to occur, He is always in control, and ultimately His plans will prevail. May that thought bring you hope,  comfort and encouragement.

Next week, we will begin a look at some of the Lenten "Bad Guys."


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