[CF Devotionals] 2010-02-02 - Bad Guys of the Bible

Part 3 ~ Noah – Genesis 9

Did you think you misread that name? In any Sunday School lesson, Bible study or sermon that I have heard Noah has been portrayed as a hero. The one person who obeyed the Lord during his time, in spite of the mocking of his contemporaries - and thus was protected in the Ark from the flood, right? The one whom God chose to replenish the world. Correct. But at one point, particularly on a certain night, he was indeed a “bad guy.” He was drunk - so drunk that he didn’t even know he was guilty of Indecent Exposure.

Yes, Noah was very human, just as we are. In fact, that’s why I included him as a “bad guy,” because we can all relate to him. Not many of us are alcohol abusers, though some are. But every single one of us is guilty of some sin*; every single one of us has made mistakes. And if God can forgive Noah and use him, He can do the same for us. Noah is a hope-giver for us. For Noah was blessed with 350 more years of life, and his descendants repopulated the Earth after the great flood.

The next time you are “beating yourself up” for your particular sin(s) / addiction(s), remember that just as with Noah, God can forgive you, help you to master it – and use you mightily, just as he did Noah.

*I would concur with those who believe that there are genetic factors involved with alcoholism; however, just as with all our sins, there is still responsibility – in that case, to avoid drinking in the first place, to avoid friends who drink, find good support such as Alcoholics Anonymous etc.


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