[CF Devotionals] 2009-09-30 - The Love of God

Part 2

Jeremiah 14:10, Thus says the Lord to this people, ‘Even so they have loved to wander, they have not kept their feet in check. Therefore the Lord does not accept them; now He will remember their iniquity and call their sins to account.”

How is it that most people to whom God says, “I have loved you,” reply, “How?” God has been exceedingly kind to many, and they do not return thanks or love to Him. They do not profess to be His people.

Consider how has God loved those who ignore Him. He says that He has given His love, and yet so many, even this day, are "giving God the finger" by ignoring Him – pretending He doesn’t exist. We even had Brad Pitt say a couple of weeks ago in the German press that he doesn’t believe in God, but he says he does believe in double beds. How has God loved the likes of Brad Pitt? How has God loved the likes of those who reject Him? Brad Pitt is no different in this than anyone else, because God has spared him. Every time he gets on a plane, God has shown His love toward him, because the plane didn’t crash. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was not so fortunate a few years ago, when he and his wife disappeared over the ocean. God’s kindness is seen in that there are many things that could have killed Brad Pitt, or anyone who rejects Christ, but those things didn’t.

How many rejecters of God have been very ill, but given their health back? They have been on the edge of the grave, maybe many times, they have not sought the Lord with whom they are so near to meeting face-to-face, and He has spared their lives. The doctor thought there was little hope, but here they are, they go to work every day, and give no thought to the Lord. He has loved them, but they do not care. What would I say to such, if I had the chance? I would tell them that God has been very kind to them; 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or more years His kindness has been shown – patience – but it can not always be this way. There will come a day when His patience will run out with those who reject Him. At the present time, while breath still remains, there is love from God to you, but it will not always be this way. He will not always allow you to take up space – His space – and exhaust His patience. He has permitted it a long time. One day soon, time will run out on your ability to seek His face and call upon His name.

I would also tell someone who has rejected the Lord - and ignored His love - of the example of John Newton. John Newton wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace,” after Jesus opened his eyes to the truth of His mercy. Before he came to faith in Christ, he was a slave trader, and ended up becoming a slave himself. He went far in sin. He was as filthy a man, in tongue and lifestyle, as they come. There was something, he said, however, that kept him in check. He never went that last step in his sin, that would have taken his life. He felt the Lord held him back. There are many like that today. There are some that would have used heroin to their end, if they had the funds to buy it. There are some who would have sinned themselves out of this life, were it not for some providence that prevented them. It was a blessing for them that it was so. Has God not loved them? He has shown His kindness to them, in preserving their lives, when they had no care of themselves.

John Newton became a great preacher. He was once a wretched sinner. Today the Lord can raise up the same from the lowest realms of this Earth, and make them instruments of worth and value. He did it with Newton, and He can do it again. He has loved them by keeping them alive, but many do not notice. They say, “How have You loved us?” (Malachi 1:2)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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