[CF Devotionals] 2009-09-29 - How Dirty is Your Collar?

Many of you have enjoyed hearing about and learning from our dog Pierre, and he has once again inspired me.Sometimes I think I should give him a byline!

Recently when I was petting PIerre, I noticed that his Georgia Tech collar, relatively new, was already looking dirty and tattered. Normally something like that would bother me. But then I thought back through the years, to our eight years in an urban area, when his collars stayed pristine for years. Though we had many happy memories there, and though he had a very nice, fenced yard for him (and a fair share of raccoons and oppossums), Pierre didn't get to go on many walks, only went to the park on special occasions, and could only interact with dog "friends" through the safety and restrictions of a fence. Now, since we have been living in the "country," he gets to walk regularly, has more freedom to interact with neighbors' pets, and he is able to spend a lot more time outside. A dirty collar is a sign that he is more active, having more fun, engaging with dogs in the neighborhood, romping around - enjoying himself more.

And that brought to mind our Christian lives. Sometimes we wan to keep our collars clean and neat. No involvement with the families who are struggling, who have "gray issues," for whom things are not simply black and white. And we don't want to get involved in difficult issues in our church or community; let someone else do it. Too messy. But wait - didn't our Lord get engaged with the messy lives of the folks in his world, and didn't He take on the messy issues?

How dirty is your collar? Are you fully involved with following Christ, or are you hiding out where things are clean and safe? I encourage you to get your collar dirty, following Christ into a full - and sometimes messy - walk with Him.


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