[CF Devotionals] 2009-08-22 - God Moving Hearts

Luke 10:21, "Yes, Father, for thus it was well-pleasing in Thy sight."

I have been reading Samuel Prime's book "The Power of Prayer," and I would like to quote a brief section from it and comment. It is God who works in hearts. Our job is to seek the Lord that He would change hearts and bend them toward Christ. After that we look to be the answers to our prayers by telling others about the mercy that is free in Christ – forgiveness from sins, peace with God, peace of conscience. I would encourage you to read this little book, but even more to pray.

"Men have been surprised at the success of a little labor, and this has encouraged more labor. One man has gone prayerfully and affectionately to another, and urged the importance of the hour, the space given him for repentance, and the necessity of improving it to make his peace with God. When he goes to him a second time he finds him in great anxiety of mind. He asks now, What must I do? What can I do to be saved? He finds that sleep has departed from the man. His days are restless, and night brings him no repose. What is the matter with the man? Why, nothing, except that from his knees a man has gone and spoken to him at the unexpected moment, with unexpected earnestness – with unwonted emotion, and with irresistible tenderness and love, has besought him to attend the gospel message, as a sinner needing an interest in Christ. That is all; all that the Christian has done. But this is not all. It has pleased God to clothe that message with amazing power – the power of the Holy Spirit. And it will be so evident that the work is all of God, that the Christian is humbled, while, at the same time, he is encouraged. `Even so, Father, for so it seemeth good in thy sight.'"

So much for the quotation. It is an account of what took place during the Fulton Street Prayer Meeting Revival of 1857-8. What did the Christian do? He simply asked the other man to consider that the window of God's grace was open, but would not always be. The Holy Spirit then did the work on the man who was spoken unto. But the first man had to do his part and tell the good news of salvation from sin through the Atonement of Christ for sin. This done, there was follow-up. How is the person spoken to doing? He is unsettled about his eternal state. What does the first man do in between the two meetings? He prays that the Spirit would work in the heart of the second man. When he finds that the Spirit is working, the first man prays more. It is that simple. Grace is of the Lord, but we play a part in His workings in the lives of others. We seek the Lord in prayer for the immortal souls of others and then we speak the good news as we have opportunity – leaving the success to God.

It seems like a small thing to speak with another about the state of their souls, but do we do it? It seems like praying is such a simple matter, but do we neglect it? The Lord holds the keys to hearts in His mercy, and He may work where He pleases. We ought often to seek the Lord that He would work in our vineyard and bring many we know and love into His favor. "Yes, Father, for thus it was well-pleasing in They sight," Luke 10:21.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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