[CF Devotionals] 2009-07-21 - God's Unique Word

Study on the Bible, Part 1

  1. The History of the Bible

    1. God's Unique Word

      Let us start with considering just how unique God's word really is. Then we will examine the question of how we have received it. An excellent source for general information of the development comes from Josh McDowell. Listen to what he tells us of God's world:

      First, it was written over a period of a 1600 year span; that is 60 generations. It was penned by 40-plus authors, including: Moses, a political leader; Peter, a fisherman; Amos, a herdsman; Joshua, a military general, Nehemiah, a Cupbearer; Daniel, a prime minister; Luke, a doctor; Solomon, a king; Matthew, a tax collector and Paul a Rabbi.

      Just as the writers were numerous, the places of its writing were equally so. Moses wrote in the wilderness; Jeremiah wrote in a dungeon; Daniel on a hillside and in a palace; Paul inside prison walls; Luke wrote on the road, and John penned Revelation from the isle of Patmos. It was written on three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. 1

  1. McDowell, Josh, Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Campus Crusade for Christ

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