[CF Devotionals] 2009-05-21 - If Joyful Now

Revelation 4:1, After these things, I looked, and behold, a door standing open in Heaven , and the first voice which I heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.”

John was very favored, both while Jesus was on Earth (He was the beloved disciple, John 13:23), and here with this revelation of the things that must take place. There was a door standing open in , and John was given a vision that has sparked division and questions within the church ever since. What does the vision really tell us? What do we really learn from all the wonders that John was privy unto and shares with us, by the Holy Spirit, in the book of Revelation? We learn much about Gods greatness, power, love we learn much about Heaven and Hell, but the one thing we learn, which we cannot escape, is that God wins. The opening of this door was certainly a view to things that other eyes have not seen, but there is even more than seeing here. There is communication going on. Take away, from the book of Revelation, all the matters that divide and confuse earnest followers of Christ, and John is given a window into the glory of God. He sees some of the business of Heaven, and he shares with us what he is allowed. We have to wonder if such wonders can really be put into words. It is doubtful that they can.

Have you considered that the door of Heaven is open? Our feeble prayers gain entrance there. Christ is the one who opened this door for us, and He gives us access to the Father. He has opened the door. He has done this also, concerning our praise unto God. Praise is really a form of prayer in many ways, but the door of Heaven is opened, that our praise can be heard in Heaven . Let us be careful what we sing unto the Lord. Does it agree with His Word? Do we sing things that might be displeasing to the Lord, in praise to Him? Do we know? Oh, how lackluster our practice is for many of us. We sing without much thought of what we are singing (Many of us do this, I suspect certainly if I am an example of what the many do.), but we sing praise to the Lord that goes through the door into Heaven , and have we ever considered, studied, if the things that we bring as praise to the Lord are actually pleasing to Him? We are so backward in our ways. He has given us songs that are pleasing to Him in His word, but we write our own songs, and prefer them to His to the ones He has given us. Is it possible that we must repent of our praise? It is something to consider.

There is no delight greater on Earth than knowing God. There is nothing that brings fulfillment, more than serving the Lord with our whole life. If we have tasted this, all other forms of life, when they creep in, or when they gain dominance, are not sweet. They are bitter, compared to serving the Lord. It is never dreary to serve the Lord. It is never a burden to give of ourselves to the One who gave His life for us, or it shouldn’t be. Let us consider this as well. If it is joyous to serve the Lord in these frail, mortal, failing bodies that are racked with sin, if it is joyful to do so now, what will it be like serving the Lord in Heaven? What will it be like when this mortal shall have put on immortality and when sin shall no longer be the tyrant that it is to us? Service unto the Lord is surely a great means of joy to the people of God, and if it is now, with all the encumbrances that this life involves, then how glorious, how unspeakably glorious, will be our service in Heaven, when we serve Him face-to-face.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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