[CF Devotionals] 2009-05-19 - Further Dangers of "Deliverance"

The Spiritual Warfare Series, Part 6

One last danger which I hope is rare, but is extremely disturbing, is the potential damage done to children by this approach to the Christian life. First the emphasis on demons instead of our security in Christ can create a great deal of fear, which is never productive. But there is an even greater danger in the more extreme end of the movement. K. D. Kragen notes:

“Deliverance also poses a real danger to children, particularly where parents attribute their child’s Problem -behavior to demons. Such beliefs can result in misdirected blame and the breakdown of communication between a child and parent or counselor, especially when it is believed that it is a demon or demons speaking and in control of the child. For an horrendous example of this kind of problem, see “Spirits of Arrested Development,” Rudy LeBlanc, The Dove, Spring 1988, vol.1.X, pp. 19-22. Le Blanc writes, “The function of this demon is to arrest development in a young person, always bringing them back to age 13 and younger. [The demon] claims to have authority over homosexual sprits,…over spirits influencing a girl to be a tomboy to please her father, the demon will still up the desire through the sprits passed on by ancestral curses;… he is also called the chronic prince of arrested development,…claims to be sent by satan personally, has a prince and a deputy who lives in the mind of the person to make sure that they do not advance past age 13.… Those that collect dolls and stuffed animals as grownups are arrested in their development. They do childish things such as playing with toys on their desks when at work” (p.20).” 8

I have ended this with an extreme example. But one must understand as we move away from a sound understanding of scripture, that there is no limit to how far from truth we can move.. Our hope is to help move people towards truth, not further away. We do fight against Satan and his kingdom. Spiritual warfare is the reality of the Christian life. But if we are to have victory, then we must fight the battle following God’s rules, not the vain imagining of men’s minds. And it is to this we will speak in future devotionals.

  1. Kragen, K.D., “The New Deliverance Ministry—A Biblical Critique,” p. 5., unpublished paper.

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