[CF Devotionals] 2009-05-06 - Be One of the Few

Revelation 3:4, “But you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their garments, and they will walk with Me in white; for they are worthy.”

The church of Sardis seems to have had a lot of professors of the faith, but few who were genuine in it. They are told to “Wake up,” in the second verse. Shall we consider Sardis and the church today? It seems today, and we want to always be as generous as we can, but there seems to be many today who attend churches as a mere formality. It is an outward show, cultural, and there is a much smaller number that “have not soiled their garments.” How many today call themselves Christians, yet know little or nothing of what the Bible says? How many there are who profess faith, or the name of “Christian,” but would be lost if asked to find the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. In many churches, there is a lack of people, but in others, there are many people but no spiritual life. Can you think of one in your fellowship who is impassioned and zealous for his/her faith? More than likely, people think it is a strange characteristic, and not to be envied.

But all is not decaying in the church of Sardis, and this is true in our churches today. There are some who are faithful in doctrine and practice. Does it seem strange to add doctrine to practice? Is it strange to put it before practice? I hope it is not. We cannot know what it is the Lord would have us do, if we do not know what His Word reveals. The doctrine informs our practice. Doctrine is that which guides and instructs what we do. When practice informs doctrine, there is bound to be error. We draw the doctrine first from God's Word, and then we apply it to our lives. However, we should be encouraged. Just as in Sardis, today in the church we have a few whose garments are not soiled. There are a few who do not conform to this world. So many, however, who call themselves Christians listen to the world's music, watch the world's TV shows, and speak the world's language. I will ask you a question. When you converse with a stranger, does the person know that you are different from the world? It is a telling question. Or do they leave your company having no idea that you are crucified to the world with its lusts, Galatians 5:24, because it is not evident in whom you are at first blush?”

What is the promise to those who have not soiled their garments? They will walk with Christ in white, for they are worthy. Christ is the one who makes them worthy, and He is the one who completes their faith, Philippians 1:6. Nevertheless, it is a precious promise not to be overlooked. In view here is a special communion with Christ that others don't acquire, and let us not forget that we can have this communion now. The joys spoken of here do have a heavenly fulfillment, but the child of God can know fellowship and close association with Jesus Christ even now. There are only a few in Sardis who will walk with Christ in white. It would seem that things are no different in the church today. There will be few of the mass who call themselves Christians, who will walk with Jesus because He has made them worthy. How shall we put it: Be one of the few.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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