[CF Devotionals] 2009-03-22 - The Holy Spirit: Conclusion

The Holy Spirit Series, Part 12

Conclusion: The examination of the Holy Spirit is a much needed topic, especially in more conservative churches, where He isn’t given sufficient attention. This, I suspect, is because of a fear of being seen as too charismatic. The Holy Spirit is the one who both unifies the church and empowers it and us. We are not able to adequately carry out our mandate as believers, without depending on and being filled by the Holy Spirit. Through Him, we can accomplish all God has called us to do, just as Christ did. Keeping all of this in mind, I would like to conclude with some thoughts of John Walvoord, relating to the “Spirit filled life.”

“In exhorting the believer to walk by the Spirit, the concept is advanced that the Christian life can be accomplished only by the power of the Holy Spirit. Walking implies progress and direction. Each step is an incipient fall, as the body is supported by one limb and then the other. The verb “walk” in Galatians 5:16 is in the present tense and has the thought of “keep on walking,” or continuously walking by the Holy Spirit. The Greek for “by the Spirit” is the dative, pneumati, best translated as “by the Spirit …" While it is true that the believer is walking in the sphere of the Spirit, the thought is rather that it is by the Spirit’s enablement that the believer is able to accomplish the high standard of the Christian walk.
As the life of a Christian unfolds step by step, each foot of progress must be marked by the sustaining power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Learning to walk by the Spirit is realized when one walks in dependence on and is supported by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. … Walking by the Spirit is only possible as the Christian is first of all yielded to the Spirit of God, and, second, is walking in unhindered fellowship with the Spirit through confession of sin. Walking by the Spirit, however, is a positive moment-by-moment dependence upon the Spirit of God and what the Spirit of God can empower the Christian to do. The walk by the Spirit includes dependence upon the Word of God as providing the necessary standards of life and instruction in holy living. As one walks by the Spirit, he must be guided by the Spirit of God. Many moral issues are not dealt with explicitly in the Scriptures, and the personal direction of an individual life into a proper sphere of service is only possible as the Spirit guides. Walking by the Spirit also implies dependence upon prayer, and spiritual power often is directly related to the prayer life of the believer. Walking by the Spirit is aided by fellowship with other believers who are also seeking the work of the Spirit in their lives. While the Spirit of God directly empowers, He also uses means in effecting in the individual life a perfect will of God.” 7
Come as a wisdom to children; Come like a spring in the desert;
Come as new sight to the blind. Come to the withered of soul.
Come, Lord, as strength to my weakness; O let Your sweet healing power
Take me: soul, body and mind. Touch me and make me whole.
Come as a rest to the weary; Come, Holy Spirit, I need You;
Come as a balm for the sore. Come, sweet Spirit, I pray.
Come as a dew to my dryness; Come in Your strength and Your power;
Fill me with joy ever more. Come in Your own gentle way. 8

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