[CF Devotionals] 2009-02-07 -Worry Trumped

Proverbs 28:12, "When the righteous triumph there is great glory, but when the wicked rise, men hide themselves."

We know this is true in our experience, but it is even more true in the world of our faith. More than that, in the theological world, it is most true in Jesus Christ. In His triumph on the cross over sin, there is great glory. He triumphed in His person, by defeating sin, death, and Satan, but His triumph for us was on the cross itself. We don't glory in the image of the cross, any more than we would in the spear that pierced His side, because it is not what triumphed over sin. Christ triumphed over sin. The cross, however, is where Christ triumphed. We know this, because He rose again. Death could not contain Him. It could not hold Him. Christ triumphed, and He did so on the cross. He has taken our debt out of the way, "having nailed it to the cross." It was a public display, where He subdued the powers of darkness, and the result for us is that all who come to Christ by faith, can do so, "having triumphed over them (the forces of wickedness) through Him," (Colossians 2:14, 15).

Christ has defeated Satan on the cross. We know His words, "It is finished," and we know from this that when we are united to Him, we also are conquers with Him and through Him. We are to be like Christ in all things. Christ overcame, defeated, He got the better of sin on the cross, and we shall - we must - do no less in our lives. We are to be like Christ in all things. He fought with the devil and triumphed over him. We must do the same in our lives. Our battles are lesser, but they are not lesser to us personally. Everyday we struggle with indwelling sin, so that we might fight and win as Christ did. He gives us the power to do so. We need not fear. Christ has already won the victory, but the battle goes on in our lives today. Since the devil and all his legions are already defeated, our battles will turn, in the end, to our advantage. The outcome is certain. Our King has already conquered the foe. Let us be very courageous in our fight with the dragon. He is a dragon today without a stinger, because Christ loses none of his army. They all win the victory through Him.

We stand fast in the Lord. We may hear the howl of Satan, and he may send us great alarms, but we need not worry. We know that all was secured for us (the victory) on the cross. We stand fast in the Lord. What does this mean practically? It means we need not worry. Who reading this ever struggles with worry? Maybe you do. Maybe everyone does. I was talking to a woman in the church today, and I asked her, "What have you ever got from your worry? Has it ever solved a problem? Has your worry ever accomplished anything significant?" She replied that her worry had never done anything for her. It never does. And this is the reason why we need not worry. We need not worry, because in the triumph of the righteous One (Christ), there is great glory. Yes, our worries, they too were nailed to the cross, when the nails went into the hands and feet of Christ. His triumph was over all our worries, also. It is a glorious thought. We are to be wise. We are to be careful in all that we do, but it is interesting that Scripture never tells us to worry. Why is that? We know why. It is because Christ has triumphed also over all the things that can worry one of His children. This also is part of the great glory won on the cross, by the Captain of our Salvation.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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