[CF Devotionals] 2009-01-31 -: Law, (Sin), Restore

Psalm 19:7, The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.

I hope to focus on the first part of the verse today, and I would start by asking what the function of the Law of God is? We might come up with various answers, and there are many that are good - even wise. The Law of God is an excellent pilot, directing us how to live. But I submit that it is much more, and the more is why I think we don't hear much about the Law of God these days. I have asked what function the Law of God plays in out lives. May I submit that it functions to condemn us? It might seem a strange thing to say, since we just stated that it is an excellent guide for our conduct in life, but the truth is we don't follow our guide. We deviate to the right or to the left, and so the Law serves to show us our sin. It seems that a central reason why we don't hear much about God's Law these days is related to why we don't hear much about sin either. Who wants to talk about our failures? Who wants to admit fault? I would end this preliminary introduction by saying that until you know your sin, you cannot come to faith in Christ. If you don't see your deficiency in meeting God's Law, you will never embrace your need for a Savior from your sins - from your failure to keep God's Law.

Our sins find us out. You know it is so. We may try to cover our sins, but we do this with little success. Something as simple as sleep can give us away. How many a man/woman has babbled out their deepest sins, unawares, while they slumbered? Maybe someone reading this has a little (or not so little) secret sin they indulge in, and do you think you can keep it secret? God will have the secret disclosed. This sin is known. You say, "By whom?" I promise you that the sin is known by the One who never forgets. He may send a little bird to sing about it, or it may be that one day, He will proclaim that sin to all the world with trumpets on The Great Day. Those things that you have hidden away, God will bring to light. God is the great discoverer of all sin. Time may make us almost forget our sin, but time often proves that we do reap what we sow. There will be a harvest.

I can't think of a more terrible thought than standing before an angry God - with His eyes fixed upon you, and knowing that He sees nothing but sin. He sees nothing but what He hates and loathes. We have sin, but we are not without hope. If we confess our sin, God will blot it out, 1 John 1:9. If we turn to Christ for forgiveness, He cleanses us from all our sin. He saves us, Acts 16:30, 31. Christ alone can forgive our sin. This is how our soul is restored. Christ kept  the Law perfectly. He gives us His righteousness, and by faith, it is as if we had kept the Law and never sinned. Christ did it for us. He takes our sin away.

Here is the promise: Those who God loves, He never leaves. He loves them to the end. The reason He loves us is not because of our works or allure. He loves us because of His love. The cause of God's love is Himself. The basis of His accepting us is the person and work of Christ. Whoever you may be, whatsoever kind of person you may be, by faith, you are accepted and loved because Christ lived a sinless life, died to pay the penalty for sin, and rose again from the dead. We all know our sin, but the Christian's hope is grounded in Christ taking away our sin and removing it as far as the East is from the West, Psalm 103:12.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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