[CF Devotionals] 2008-11-09 - Ruth: Praise for the Godly Wife

Installment 30 ~ Chapter 4, Part 1

Talmage praises the godly wife when he states:

“What you want in a wife, O man! is not a butterfly of the sunshine, not a giggling nonentity, not a painted doll, not a gossiping gadabout, not a mixture of artificialities which leave you in doubt as to where the humbug ends and the woman begins, but an earnest soul — one who can not only laugh when you laugh, but weep when you weep. There will be wide, deep graves in your path of life, and you will both want steadying when you come to the verge of them, I tell you. When your fortune fails you will want some one to talk of treasures in Heaven, and not charge upon you with a bitter “I told you so.” As far as I can analyze it, sincerity and earnestness are the foundation of all worthy wifehood. Get that, and you get all. Fail to get that, and you get nothing except what you will wish you never had got.


Last time we left Ruth waiting to hear from Boaz. Would he be able to marry her or would the other kinsman be interested in marrying Ruth and redeeming Elimelech’s line? I guess it will be another long “day” until next week when we pick up in Chapter 4. Are we raising our young men to respect women and care for them, in spite of the contemporary view of society regarding the place of men and women? Are we raising our young women to be women of character and pleasing to the Lord as future wives? This morning I want to compare the qualities of Ruth and the qualities of a virtuous wife as seen in Proverbs 31. This study was inspired by and adapted from John MacArthur’s commentary on Ruth. 2 Finally, it should be noted the wife of Proverbs lives in a very prosperous, possibly even a wealthy household. Nevertheless, the principles demonstrated are applicable to any wife, no matter what her economic circumstances.

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