[CF Devotionals] 2008-06-01 - Ruth: Naomi's Emptiness

Installment 8 ~ Chapter1, Part 3

Verses 6-7: Naomi has lost everything. We don't know what her feelings were about having gone to Moab in the first place. She wouldn't have had any say in the decision. Apparently she didn't have any say in her sons' decisions to remain or to marry Moabites. She had left her home, now she has lost everything. The only thing she does have is the ability to make decisions for herself.

Word has come to Moab. The famine was over, although one could argue it had just started for Naomi. She certainly had nothing to keep her in Moab, and so she made the only decision she knew how to. It was time to return home. If she had to end her days empty and lost, at least she could end them at home. But, as we will see next time, Naomi lost something else, her trust in the Lord. She felt His hand was against her. The problem was, that if His hand was against anyone, it was her husband, and sons who acted against His will.

I remember my cousin. She and her husband were nominal Jews; that is they did not follow the faith of their fathers, much less have any kind of relationship with God. They had built a beautiful home in the Oakland Hills. As you may remember, there was a major fire storm in the Oakland hills a number of years ago. Their home was one of the ones that burned down. And what was my cousin's response? "Why has God done this to me?" It is amazing how those who have nothing to do with God are always ready to blame Him for the losses of their life. Hey even the insurance companies do this.

And so, with her daughters-in-law, she prepares to leave and return to Judah. At least, she wouldn't starve. It appeared that she would have some company with her two daughters-in-law. But they still could do nothing to fill Naomi's emptiness. They could do nothing to restore the lost family line. Or at least, so it appears for now. As the NIV Study Bible notes state:

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