[CF Devotionals] 2007-12-07 - An Advent Thought

Psalm 22:24-28

To the world, December conjures up images of presents, eggnog, and candy canes. For us, it can be a time for reflection and anticipation. The season of Advent is a great occasion to reexamine unmet goals, think of future resolutions, and refocus our attention on leading people to Christ in a world that seems to be drifting from the very way of God.

In our modern, technological society, there are many activities and opinions vying for people's attention. David, the writer of Psalm 22, assures us that people will one day return their focus to God.

David encourages us to continue telling the public about the Lord's goodness. In latter days, people will be drawn to God. May we find comfort that there will be a significant change in people, despite what human statisticians may be currently touting. Men and women alike will turn to the Lord.

All your seeking, praying, working, and planning have value and significant meaning. Take courage that though you may not see many fruit flourishing or seeds sprouting, there will be a bountiful harvest. May we continue on the path the Lord called us to.

Lord, Give people a desire to be in Your house and renew our trust in Your Word and promises. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


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