[CF Devotionals] 2007-12-04 - How to Witness

Part 1

I have been tasked by my church to come up with a lesson for adults on evangelism. At first, my mind began to think of different scriptures to use in presenting the gospel to people. You know things like the Romans Road and FAITH outline. However, as I sat and pondered on it I realized knowing verses to use was not really the most important thing.

After all, without anyone quoting scripture at me I was saved. I had heard scripture thousands of times before and that came to my mind. What really caused me to come to the point where I accepted Jesus was people investing time in me. Dozens of teachers invested time in me and finally a guest speaker at an FCA meeting in my school invested time to come talk to a few dozen students.

And, as I thought about scripture, that was really how Jesus seemed to win so many people. He invested time in their lives. Jesus went out late one night to sit down and talk to Nicodemus. He spent time speaking with the woman at the well. He took time to eat a meal with Nicodemus. Jesus invested his time and others and that meant others invested time with him. As they invested time in him, they could see that there was something special about him.

And they came to want that something special. I think if there are any keys to witnessing it would have to be these two things: time investment and spiritual transparency. You must pour time into people and let them see how a genuine Christian lives. Then and only then can you tell them about Christ. Value them so they will value him!

Prayerfully, think of someone you can begin to invest time in and then start making that investment in them this week.


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All scripture references from KJV unless otherwise noted