[CF Devotionals] 2007-11-12 - Veteran's Day

Today we will do something a bit unusual. In tribute to, and appreciation of, those who have found it necessary to fight to secure and preserve our freedoms, we will share a hymn written in an earlier century by William Carpenter. In some countries, especially Muslim strongholds such as Indonesia, even today I could be tortured, imprisoned - or worse - for sending a devotional that promotes the Christian faith. I thank God for those who have sacrficed, so that we and others can have freedom of religion. And may we never give up, until it is so for all people around the world.

O God, the Strength of those who war,
O God, the Strength of those who war,
The Hope of those who wait,
Be with our sons gone forth to fight,
And those who keep the gate.

Give to our hosts in battle's hour
Firm hearts and courage high,
Thy comfort give to those who fall,
Thy peace to those who die.

Breathe on our land the spirit calm
Which faith in right bestows,
And in the hours of dark suspense
A faith which stronger grows.

In Thee alone we place our hope,
Thou Keeper of the just,
And Thou, through fight and fire and fears
Wilt justify our trust.

Thy ways are wonderful, O God,
Who makest wars to cease:
O let this be the final war
That ushers in Thy peace.


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